About us

Our organization was established to create demanding and unique cultural and educational projects in Hungary and abroad as well. Besides the attendance of our collection (Hungarian Slide-film Collection), we give a helping hand to cultural and educational institutions to achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently. During the implementation of our projects and programs, we pay special attention to international cooperations and cross-border joint works. We gladly participate any initiation that is eager to spread the common cultural heritage in a fresh and creative way. Established: 1998.

Our services:
- conduct international scientific researches
- organizing public events: exhibitions, conferences, festivals, performances
- managing educational programmes: workshops, courses, seminars, trainings
- building didactic websites and platforms
- developing non-profit PR and communication campaigns
- video production for the public and private sector
- digitalization and archiving of artefacts: slidefilms, photos, printed materials, 3D objects
- advisory for Hungarian and EU institutes
- building up innovative non-formal educational methodologies
- project management

Key persons:
Dániel Biró - general director
Ferenc Biró - head of educational and media programmes
Norbert Szári - head of cultural and social sciences programmes

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